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Azure This Week

New AZ-800 & AZ-801 Certifications

Episode description

In Azure news this week, we take a look at the newly announced Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification, also known as the AZ-800 and AZ-801. Lars Klint speaks to one of its creators, Orin Thomas, to bring you all the important details of this new certification. Lars also brings you some important news on the latest Linux vulnerability found across half of Linux Azure VMs, within the Open Management Infrastructure (OMI) software agent – which some people are calling it OMIGOD. We’ve also released a special version of Azure This Week which has the full interview. You’ll find the link below!

0:00 Introduction
0:24 Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification
1:19 Interview with Orin Thomas
1:52 What are these two new exams?
2:46 Why do we need two exams?
4:13 Why is now the right time?
6:12 Who is this certification for?
6:45 How can you study for the exams?
8:57 Azure Linux OMIGOD bugs

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New AZ-800 & AZ-801 Certifications (Full Interview)

Introducing the Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification

Azure Linux admins to manually patch OMIGOD bugs

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