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Flow User Group

Join us for the August User group to hear from an Engineering Leader at Extra Storage Space. We’ll discuss how they implemented Flow to their team, meetings and coaching conversations. You’ll also have a chance to ask your own questions to help you implement Flow to your teams!

Kristin Salvatora

VP of Customer Experience - Flow

Kristin Salvatora is the VP of Customer Experience for Flow and brings a passion for helping customers get the most out of our tech. She brings nearly 20 years of experience with customers and the last 10 years specifically in tech. She loves connecting our customers to ensure everyone benefits!

Trista Klemm

Sr Customer Success Manager

Trista Klemm is a Senior Customer Success manager for Pluralsight Flow. She has 17 years of Sales and Customer Experience and enjoys working with customers and the Flow tool to help Engineering teams gain efficiencies and overall better team health.

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