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Cloud Migration: Ask The Experts


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Our expert panelists won't hold back as they tackle the common challenges that derail Cloud migrations:

  • Setting up secure, cost-effective Cloud environments
  • Non-functional requirements like compliance and HA/DR
  • Architecting applications for sustainable Cloud success
  • Cost, performance, and time tradeoffs
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Our panel with more than 80 years of combined IT experience unpacks the technical and organizational challenges of Cloud migration — and how to solve them.

Kacy Clarke

Kacy Clarke

Managing Dir/Chief Architect, Cloud Engineering at Deloitte

Kacy Clarke is a Technology Strategist and Enterprise Architect leading major public cloud implementations at Deloitte. She brings 35+ years of experience to bear advising clients on cloud strategy, architecture, design patterns, organizational transformation, DevSecOps, and operating models. Her global enterprise clients have moved thousands of workloads and petabytes of data to the cloud, unlocking digital innovation and new insights.

Andy Warzon

Andy Warzon

Co-founder & CTO, Trek10

As Co-Founder & CTO, Andy leads technology & strategy, professional development, and innovation at Trek10. An AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional, Andy’s experience spans 20 years in startups and enterprises across development, IT systems, and data analytics, plus more than a decade building on AWS. Prior to Trek10, Andy founded the tech team of Better World Books and built a social networking startup before Zuck was old enough to drive.

John Wright

John Wright

Sr Principal at Slalom

John is a Sr. Principal in Slalom’s Cloud Enablement group. He is an experienced engineer with 15+ years’ experience now focusing on Cloud Engineering, Architecture, and program leadership. ​His passion is helping his customers to move to the cloud in the most cost effective and efficient way possible while ensuring long term success of the client’s overall cloud program.

Forrest Brazeal

Forrest Brazeal is an AWS Serverless Hero and Director of Content & Community at A Cloud Guru. Previously a cloud architect at Infor and Trek10, Forrest was also named one of Jefferson Frank’s Top 7 Global AWS Experts in 2019. Forrest is a co-chair of ServerlessConf and frequently speaks at public and private events on the business and practice of cloud computing.

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