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How to think like an SRE

Learn Site Reliability Engineering from a leading expert! As an SRE at Google, Squarespace, and current Director of SRE at Nobl9, Alex Hidalgo helped define the fundamentals of modern site reliability engineering. Now, he's bringing his knowledge and experience to you and your team.

Alex Hidalgo

Alex Hidalgo

Director of SRE at Nobl9As Director of Site Reliability Engineering at Nobl9

Alex is helping bring SLO tooling and education to everyone in tech in the most efficient, reliable manner possible. Alex has held senior SRE positions at both Google and Squarespace, and has traveled the world training other SREs. He was one of the primary developers of the Google IT Professional Certification program, and has contributed multiple chapters to The Site Reliability Workbook.

Forrest Brazeal

Forrest Brazeal

AWS Serverless Hero, Director of Content & Community at A Cloud Guru

Forrest Brazeal is an AWS Serverless Hero and Director of Content & Community at A Cloud Guru. Previously a cloud architect at Infor and Trek10, Forrest was also named one of Jefferson Frank’s Top 7 Global AWS Experts in 2019. Forrest is a co-chair of ServerlessConf and frequently speaks at public and private events on the business and practice of cloud computing.

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