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What’s the state of cloud computing?

2023 State of Cloud

All Regions
9:00 AM MDT
Aug 23, 2023
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As leaders shift from a migration to adoption stance on cloud computing, they’re struggling to find and drive customer value from their cloud solutions. 

According to our new State of Cloud report, although 90% of organizations are operating in the cloud, only 27% are able to drive better outcomes for their customers. Why? Because their technology adoption outpaces their processes and skills in the cloud.

In this webinar, Pluralsight’s Chief Cloud Strategist, Drew Firment, sits down with David Linthicum, Chief Cloud Strategy Officer at Deloitte Consulting, and Keith Townsend, Principal and Founder of The CTO Advisor, to discuss their thoughts and insights on the state of cloud computing today and where they see it trending for the future.

Drew Firment

Drew Firment

Chief Cloud Strategist, Pluralsight

Drew Firment is Chief Cloud Strategist at Pluralsight. He helps leaders accelerate cloud adoption by migrating talent to the cloud. Previously, he founded Capital One's cloud engineering college and earned a patent for measuring cloud adoption and maturity. Drew is an AWS Community Hero for his ongoing efforts to build inclusive, sustainable learning communities.

David Linthicum

David Linthicum

Chief Cloud Strategy Officer, Deloitte Consulting

Based in Washington, D.C., David currently serves Global 2,000 clients as Deloitte’s Chief Cloud Strategy Officer, where he drives new innovations and market offerings, as well as leads people and projects, as well as through leadership outreach. This includes on the “Deloitte On Cloud Podcast,” as well as several Forbes and WSJ articles.

Keith Townsend

Keith Townsend

Principal and Founder, The CTO Advisor LLC

Keith Townsend is a technology management consultant with more than 20 years of related experience in designing, implementing, and managing data center technologies. His areas of expertise include virtualization, networking, and storage solutions for Fortune 500 organizations. He holds a BA in computing and an MS in information technology from DePaul University.

Cloud computing trends

Pluralsight blind-surveyed more than 1,000 cloud leaders and technologists across industries and throughout the world to get a clear picture of the present state of cloud computing and the expectations for the future. What did we find?

  • Most orgs operate in the cloud without a defined cloud or cloud skills strategy

  • The new cloud trend is rapid adoption of cloud services

  • More than 70% of organizations struggle to drive value with cloud

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