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Budgeting for the cloud in 2023: How to optimize cloud costs

Budgeting problems getting in the way of your cloud progress? You’re not alone. Gartner estimates public cloud spend will reach nearly $600 billion in 2023. But nearly half of all cloud projects are delayed worldwide.

With a possible recession on the horizon, heading into the 2023 budgeting season without an actionable game plan could mean losing millions of dollars in overspend. Leaders are looking for ways to cut costs, increase efficiencies, and drive organizational outcomes. All of which you can do in the cloud...if you know what to look for.

In this webinar, Mallory Beaudreau, Customer Portfolio Director for Apptio, and Pluralsight cloud Training Architect Jess Alvarez show you what to look for and how to use that information to make better cloud investments in 2023.

Jess Alvarez

Jess Alvarez

Training Architect, Pluralsight

Jess is a Training Architect for Pluralsight. She currently authors introductory and deep dive courses about AWS for cloud practitioners. Before joining A Cloud Guru, a Pluralsight company, Jess climbed the Linux ladder at Rackspace and worked as a Cloud Administrator at ASM Research.

Mallory Beaudreau

Mallory Beaudreau

Customer Portfolio Director, Apptio

As Customer Portfolio Director, Mallory is responsible for ensuring that all customers across EMEA leverage their Apptio products to achieve value. Mallory joined Apptio as part of the Cloudability acquisition in 2019. She was the first Account Manager in EMEA for Cloudability, managing some of the world's most advanced cloud users. After the acquisition, she moved into a leadership role to share her expertise and support all products. She is a Certified FinOps Foundation trainer and has trained hundreds of FinOps practitioners.

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