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Pro tips for architecting sustainable systems on AWS

When it comes to planning a cloud migration, companies have a lot to consider—from costs to increasingly important considerations like carbon footprint. For many companies today, what used to be a moral imperative is now an economic imperative.

Join us as Laura Hyatt, Global Solutions Architect at AWS, and Faye Ellis, Principal AWS Training Architect at A Cloud Guru (a Pluralsight company), discuss the carbon footprint associated with cloud computing, plus innovations and software development practices that can help lower your organization’s impact.

Laura Hyatt

Laura Hyatt

Global Solutions Architect for AWS Resilience Hub

Laura helps customers around the world make sure their architecture is resilient and that they’re prepared for outages. Laura also specializes in IoT and is passionate about junior talent, having set up the first solution architect intern program for the UK public sector.

Faye Ellis

Faye Ellis

Principal AWS Training Architect at A Cloud Guru (a Pluralsight company)

Faye has worked in the IT industry for around 20 years, working in SysOps, DevOps, and architecture roles with mission-critical systems across a wide range of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, government, and healthcare. Faye is passionate about cloud technology and knows firsthand how important it is to keep your skills up-to-date so you have opportunities to work on the coolest projects out there.

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