Andrew Conroy

Andrew Conroy

Andrew Conroy is the Lead Animation Faculty for the Art Institute of Salt Lake City. He has spent time in the games, animation, and VFX industry. Andrew’s career started at Disney Interactive where he cut his teeth learning the ins and outs of game animation. From there he moved to New York to work for Blue Sky Studios where he worked on Ice Age 3. After Ice Age wrapped Andrew headed west. A direction he has always been more comfortable going. He landed at Rhythm and Hues to work on a number of their film. He quickly moved up to senior animator and was hired on staff. During his time with R+H he worked on Alvin 2, Hop, Yogi Bear, Alvin 3 and Life of Pi. Now Andrew heads up the animation degree at Ai SLC and runs a small studio out of Salt Lake. Long Winter Studios specializes in asset creating and short films. The studio is an eclectic group of artist from around the globe with a desire to push their work beyond the limits of themselves and the companies they work for. Andrew now lives in Salt Lake with his wife and daughter. When he’s not conquering the world of animation he can be found enjoying the endless recreational opportunities Utah has to offer.

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