Christian Chang

Christian Chang

Christian Chang is a video game developer, instructor, and author. He has worked in the video games industry for over 12 years. From small start ups to giants like Electronic Arts. Christian has worked as a 3D artist and Level Designer on numerous video games, giving him a broad understanding of game development. Christian started his career as a 3D artist at the Naval Postgraduate School's MOVES Institute. While there he worked on America's Army: Operations as a 3D Artist, then as a level designer on the follow up America's Army: Special Forces. He then moved on to Electronic Arts, where his credits include James Bond: From Russia with Love, Tiger Woods PGA Tour '07, Medal of Honor Airborne, and Medal of Honor. At LucasArts he worked on Star Wars 1313 and was the level designer on the Star Wars 1313 E3 demo. Currently Christian is a senior level designer at KIXEYE. Christian also teaches at the Academy of Art University, and has taught Unreal Engine 3 courses at LucasArts in San Francisco, and LucasArts Singapore. His book "Modeling, UV Mapping, and Texturing 3D Game Weapons" was published in 2006 and he is currently working on his second video games related book.

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