Devin Sidell

Devin Sidell

Devin spends most of his time outdoors in the hills and fields of Chester County, PA, where he has grown to love the simplicity and beauty of nature. Which, in turn, sparked a need to create new things and solve problems creatively. In order to pursue his dream of becoming a creative professional, he decided to leave the country-side and travel to the big city of Philadelphia. Devin attended The University of the Arts for Industrial Design, and was granted multiple awards for his work while there. Devin has 8 years of experience designing consumer electronics, housewares, and hydration products and specializes in injection molding. He has been awarded 3 design patents as well as working for major companies such as Lasko Products and DesignThink. Devin is currently helping to capture the attention of creative community with his work as the Lead Industrial Designer for Likuma Labs in Philadelphia. When not designing Devin spends his time producing dance music, tending to bonsai trees, and working with his twin brother on their trail ready Jeep.

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