Michael Heydt

Michael Heydt

Mike is a seasoned software developer, IT guy, cloud architect, IoT fanatic, and overall gadget hound. He is currently a freelance developer, DevOps engineer, author, trainer, and speaker. Mike has worked in many industries including finance/trading systems, cable television/interactive TV, GIS, healthcare, social media, and genomics. Mike’s background has historically been in Microsoft solutions, having built those systems since the days of DOS all the way through .NET and Azure. He holds over 17 active Microsoft certifications in Azure, C#, development, and also multiple AWS certifications in development. Mike is also a Linux fan and has built almost everything in the last 5+ years using C# or Python on Linux. When not using computers, Mike spends his time helping his son with his undergrad astronomy degree (and performing amateur astronomy), cheering on his wife who is working on her own media degree, and exploring the wilds of Montana with his Braque D’Auvergn “Bleu”

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