Phil Weinmeister

Phil Weinmeister

Phil Weinmeister is the VP of Product at 7Summits, where he is focused on building innovative components, apps, and bolts that enable transformative communities on the Salesforce platform. Phil, a Salesforce MVP, has been building solutions on the Salesforce platform since 2010 and is 20x certified. In 2018, he released Practical Guide to Salesforce Communities and, in 2019, he released a new edition of Practical Salesforce Development Without Code. Phil is most active in the Community Cloud ecosystem, being named the first-ever Community Cloud MVP in 2017 and the Most Active Community Cloud Trailblazer in 2018. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with a double major in Business and Spanish, Phil now resides in Cobb County, GA. He spends most of his “free” time with his wife and four children. When he’s not trying to make his kids laugh, cheering on the Arizona Cardinals, or rap-battling his wife, Phil enjoys traveling, playing various sports, and growing in his walk with Jesus.

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