Ruben Karamanites

Ruben Karamanites

Ruben Karamañites born April 14th 1982, has a bachelor degree in Graphic Design and a Masters in Education. In 2004 he studied 3D Animaton in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Image Campus. During that period he also worked for a small company called MOCAP. Ruben traveled to India and worked as a Senior Texture Artist at Skywork Studios, on production of the movie Blood, which was released in India. In 2008 the Panama Canal authority called him to work for the Expansion Program as Senior General 3d artist for the Panama Canal. Rubens work has appeared in several international magazines such as 3dArtist and 3Dworld among others. Twice he has been included in Panama Canal Museum for his work Dry Docks. Ruben also has a love of music, and has been a singer and composer for the progressive metal band called Valkeryon. In his personal company, Schedya, he has developed and finished a 3D short film with his friends. He is currently contracted as a professor of 3D animation at Universidad Latina de Panama and is working on another project regarding native Indians of Panama on a 3d still image.

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