Valp Maciej Hajnrich

Valp Maciej Hajnrich

Valp Maciej Hajnrich is graphic illusionist, full time freelance digital artist, art director, illustrator, concept artist and digital painter based in Katowice, Poland. Valp’s artwork is characterized by bright colors and a vibrant energy. The creations of the self-styled ‘Graphic Illusionist’ are unlike anything his contemporaries are doing, and have been featured on websites, album covers, TV advertisements and London buses. Valp's work has received considerable recognition, featured in Digital Arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Practical Photoshop, Los Logos, Aktivist and Wizz in-flight magazine, among others. He has a passion for his chosen vocation, what began as a hobby 15 years ago has grown into a fulfilling career. The self-taught artist takes his inspiration from the visuals in the world around him, from static to motion, ancient to contemporary, and uses a combination of photography manipulation and hand-drawn effects to make his ideas a reality. He extensively researches every piece he is commissioned to ensure the right effects are achieved and the correct message conveyed. In his spare time, he works on personal creative projects, experimenting with style and technique. He is also member of Depthcore and Keystone Design Union digital arts community.

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