Digital-Tutors Is Joining Forces with Professional Technical Training Provider, Pluralsight!

Today marks one of the most exciting days in Digital-Tutors' existence, and the beginning of a new chapter for our members and team. For over 13 years, we've dedicated every single day to bringing our members, fellow artists and fellow designers the best video training to help them learn powerful new creative skills. The skills to graduate, to get your first job, to get the promotion you deserve and to bring your ideas and creativity to life—something we all value so much. Now, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be joining forces with Pluralsight, the leader in online training for professional software developers and IT admins (meaning access to a library of over 3,000 courses!). Beyond access to content, Pluralsight has acquired Digital-Tutors, which also means more value for you. The acquisition ensures that the future for everyone involved with Digital-Tutors, including our members, is bright—we’re talking looking straight into the sun and not blinking bright. We've even had the pleasure of starting to meet our new Pluralsight team members and it's been an amazing experience. We’ve found a company and a group of people who are so much like us when it comes to our values, our goals around education, and our mission to change the world. Get ready for an amazing year and future for online creative and tech training!  

What does this mean for subscribers?

This opportunity brings new resources to let us focus on releasing more training for you, from new creative subjects we haven't covered yet to going deeper into the software we already cover. We now have the resources to hire more tutors to help meet your needs and give you more ways to push your creative limits. This also means you get instant access to Pluralsight’s 1,400+ courses, including more game development options, as well as training on scripting, web development, soft skills, hardware and networking and much more. If you're an active Digital-Tutors member, you can access Pluralsight using the same log-in information and start watching training right now (and same for Pluralsight members on Digital-Tutors). Just sign in on the site where your account was created. Some training highlights include: Learning To Program C# Fundamentals Python Fundamentals Game Programming with Python and PyGame Unity3D Web Fundamentals with C# Generating HTML5 Layouts Using Photoshop Building Hybrid Mobile Applications with HTML5 While you might not be setting up your own cloud infrastructure this week, there are lots of tutorials that you can start watching today and more that might pique your interest in future endeavors. Make sure to explore the full Pluralsight training library. Please note that at the current time offline and mobile apps for each site are only available on the site you signed up, and Digital-Tutors demo members will only able to navigate Pluralsight, but not access training (as they offer a different demo experience). We will roll out updates to offline and app viewing in the near future, but wanted to focus on providing a seamless online learning experience for members of both sites first. Read more in the FAQs. game_programming

What else is changing?

If you visit our subscription page, you’ll see a brand new Basic plan for $29 a month. This lower-priced plan still gives you unlimited viewing access, but doesn’t include project files, quizzes and tests, course certificates or the offline player. You can easily upgrade to get complete access to those features at any time with the Plus plan (what is what all current subscribers will now have). This lower-priced plan will hopefully help those who have requested this option, as well as more artists and designers around the globe who can now afford to learn with us! The Plus subscription plan with every feature included will adjust to $49 a month. Those with current active subscriptions plans will continue to pay the price at which they signed up for as long as they remain a member. If you signed up last month for the $45 subscription, you’ll continue to pay $45 on your next renewal and every renewal after that. See pricing and demo account FAQs  

Who is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is a fellow leader in the online learning space, offering training for software developers, IT administrators and more. Its library consists of over 1,400 tutorials, meaning you now have access to over 3,000 full-length tutorials. Pluralsight tutors, which they call “authors,” are some of the most renowned and respected figures in their industries. Similar to Digital-Tutors, Pluralsight sees affordable and accessible online training as a way to truly change people’s lives and change the world. Working together and offering a more robust training library, we can help more people and allow more organizations to fully address creative and technology training needs. who_is_pluralsight

What's this mean for the future of Digital-Tutors?

The Digital-Tutors staff and the training you love aren't going anywhere. You can still expect daily training releases and even more content as additional tutors come online. We joined forces with Pluralsight because we knew that together we could offer more training options to our members, ensure our team continues to grow, and reach more creative professionals and aspiring students. We've been bleeding Digital-Tutors orange for over 13 years, and we're excited to now take on a new shade of orange with Pluralsight. customers

Thank you!

It is with complete joy and sincerity that we thank you—our members, fans and the greater Digital-Tutors family. Without you we couldn't have changed the lives we have so far or the lives we will change next, and we hope that includes yours. We will never forget where we came from and all of your help to spread our training throughout the world. Thank you for 13 years of amazing experiences, training and trust that has made us your learning resource. And cheers to the next 13 years of the same with Digital-Tutors and Pluralsight! - The Digital-Tutors Team avatars

What's next?

You know where to find us. If you have any questions, we've created a dedicated FAQs page. You can also open a help ticket to reach our support team, call us, reach us on the social-sphere or even comment below. For now, we encourage you to check out all of the new tutorials on Pluralsight you now have access to with you subscription, their blog post on the announcement, to keep learning with Digital-Tutors and to look for more exciting training to come.   Thank you again for being a part of this amazing journey and we hope you are as excited about the future of creative training as us!