Docker containers are a flexible platform that allows you to easily build ship and run your applications in scalable and distributed environments. Pluralsight’s training dives deep into different deployment options and how to build scalable Docker solutions.

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Need to learn Docker? This is the course for you! This course provides a soup-to-nuts learning experience for core Docker technologies, including the Docker Engine, Images, Containers, Registries, Networking, Storage, and more. All of the behind the scenes theory is explained, and all concepts...
There have been some major changes to Docker that were introduced with Docker 1.12, and this course, Getting Started with Docker, will help get you up to speed. You'll start with installing Docker on the most common development and production platforms - Windows and Mac laptops, Windows Server...
Docker simplifies running software, and now with the release of Windows containers, you can run just about any software with a consistent set of commands thanks to Docker. In this course, Getting Started with Docker on Windows, you'll learn how to use containers in Windows environments, both...
Developers love Docker for its simple approach to packaging, distributing, and running applications. The open source Docker ecosystem provides a lot of tools, but before you put container workloads in production you'll want enterprise-grade security, management, and support. Docker Datacenter...
Docker and containers are a whole new way of developing and delivering applications and IT infrastructure. In this course, you'll learn how this is going to impact you as an individual as well as the teams and organizations you work for. This course will cover Docker and containers, container...
Continuous delivery is fast becoming an indispensable practice for organizations that want to develop and deploy applications to production at speed with improved reliability. This course, Continuous Delivery Using Docker and Ansible, will teach you how to create a robust, production-class...
Need a platform that lets you reliably collaborate with your team through all your project's phases and iterations? Looking to take advantage of the power of lightweight, cloud-ready containers for your production deployment? Consider Docker. No matter what your experience level, Using Docker...
At the core of Elastic Beanstalk - especially as it's used for Docker container deployments - is a thorough knowledge of Docker container clusters. In this course, Using Docker with AWS Elastic Beanstalk, you will learn how to deploy and coordinate individual Docker containers into a...
Managing Docker at scale is the next challenge facing IT. This course, Docker Swarm: Native Docker Clustering, will teach you everything you need to know about Docker Swarm, the native solution for managing Docker environments at scale. First, you'll learn how to build highly available,...
This course walks through the process of integrating a Dockerized app with DevOps style automated workflows. A small node.js web app (and small test) will be uploaded and tracked on GitHub. GitHub will be configured to inform the CircleCI platform whenever code updates are committed and pushed....