Learn C++ from the experts. For over 30 years, C++ has been the programming language for developers in need of imperative, object-oriented and generic programming features in their work. Pluralsight’s comprehensive C++ courses cover the fundamentals of the language to advanced topics.

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C++ is a general purpose programming language that is used by millions of developers. It offers a powerful combination of performance and abstraction that other languages don’t have. You can use C++ to write different kinds of applications for a variety of platforms. In this course, I’ll cover...
C# Fundamentals with C# 5.0 is designed to give you everything you need to become a productive C# developer on the .NET platform. We'll look at the syntax of C#, which is similar to Java, JavaScript, and C++, as well as learn about tools such as Visual Studio, and the object oriented...
C++ has a reputation for being a very difficult language to learn, and to use well. Changes to the language and the library that accompanies it have changed that. Beginners can now learn C++ and write real applications. In this course you'll learn the important parts of C++ 11 syntax, get an...
Go is awesome! It looks like C, but don't be deceived - it is completely different! The Go Programming Language is a new programming language from Google. It is very different than many other modern programming languages, and is a great substitute for C or C++. In this course we will cover most...
This course is designed to give you everything you need to be productive with modern standard C++. Not every aspect of the C++ language is considered (that would be impossible in a few hour course); instead, the course is focused on some important practical-oriented features of the language....
Writing unit tests looks simple in blogs, books, and tutorials. However, it can be quite difficult when attempted in the real world where real code has dependencies that make unit testing difficult. The solution is to isolate unit tests using mocks, stubs, and fakes. Using mocks is crucial for...
This course gives an overview of Boost: a set of C++ libraries designed to cover some of the functionality that's missing from the STL. This course covers the libraries that are used for storing optional values (Boost.Optional), reading program options (Boost.ProgramOptions), storing any type...
If you're a C++ developer, save yourself valuable time and work by learning how to use the algorithm header. In this course, Beautiful C++: STL Algorithms, you'll learn the functions in the algorithm header. You'll find out how iterators multiply the power of the library. Next, you'll learn the...
C is a systems programming language and sits at the heart of practically every computing device imaginable. It offers unrivaled performance and supports more devices, processors, and micro-controllers than any other language. This course aims to get you up to speed with the C programming...
Direct2D is a native, immediate-mode, graphics rendering library that provides uncompromising performance. Its focus is on two-dimensional rendering, providing a rich array of primitives for rendering vector graphics, bitmaps and text. It’s designed to squeeze as much out of the underlying...