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Creating a Realistic Low Poly Tree in 3ds Max

by Jayesh Ranavaya

Explore in-depth modeling and texturing techniques to create a game-ready, low-poly realistic tree. You'll go through modeling in 3ds Max to texturing in Photoshop and creating normal maps with xNormal. Required Software: 3ds Max, Photoshop, xNormal.

What you'll learn

Learn how to create realistic poly models for use in your game engine of your choice. In this course, Creating Low Poly Trees in 3ds Max, you'll learn the workflows used in creating low-poly models, seamless textures, and using opacity maps for a realistic tree. First, you'll learn how to model the tree trunk base mesh and branches using the path deform modifier. Next, you'll learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and xNormal to generate diffuse specular opacity and normal maps. Then, you'll learn how to use the generated maps to create advanced materials for application on the base mesh and foliage. Finally, you'll learn how to apply foliage to the base mesh using a path constraint and fixing the foliage vertex models. By the end of this course, you'll have an understanding of the correct modeling and texturing techniques required to create low-poly, realistic, foliage-based models. Required Software: 3ds Max, Photoshop, xNormal.

About the author

Jayesh is a highly motivated and passionate 3D Artist with the ability to develop high quality 2D/3D assets, life like 3D characters and animations, as well as having a solid understanding of game art and processes. He possesses the artistic expertise and technical ability required to create visually stimulating content that will intensify game playability. He has an extensive knowledge of software such as 3ds Max, Photoshop, and the Unreal Engine. Jayesh has been developing his skills as a 2D a... more

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