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Nov 3, 2016
1h 45m

Story CC Plus Fundamentals is an introduction to the application which helps with production planning and screenwriting. The course covers how to set up a new project, understanding the functions available within the interface, and how to share and export your work. Along the way, you'll review best practices when it comes to using Story for your projects and productions. Software required: Adobe Story CC.

About the author
About the author

Chad Troftgruben is a freelance animator and screencaster who specializes in Animate CC, Moho, After Effects and Premiere. He has been working with Flash since 2002 which resulted in the creation of several cartoons for both entertainment and commercial purposes.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Hi guys, welcome to the Train Simple Adobe Story Fundamentals course. This tutorial series is an introduction to how to use Adobe Story. We'll first begin discussing the differences between Adobe Story Free, and Plus. We'll also show you how to access Adobe Story, as it's a little bit different than your other apps. Then, we'll get into creating projects, as well as project categories, different script types, modifying script properties, and other files. We'll get into modifying the preferences of your application, browsing project files, opening, renaming, and deleting files, adding links, and a few other functions that are important to working with the interface. Then we'll get into the meat of the software, which involves exporting and sharing. We'll show you how to write comments, track changes, export your scripts, view notifications, generate reports, integrate your files into Premiere, and even print and save locally. Finally, I will offer some basic writing tips to get you started if you're brand new to screenwriting. In the end, with this course, you'll learn a great deal about Adobe Story. It will be assumed, that for the most part, you have a basic idea of how screenwriting works, so this isn't a screenwriting course, but we may have some of those in the future pertaining to video production as a whole. Anyway, that's it, welcome to the Adobe Story Train Simple course, I hope you're ready because we are about to get started.