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Creating and Debugging R Programs

by Christopher Venturini

R is a popular programming language within the growing statistical community. This course will teach you to write an R script, run that script independently, display processed data, and understand what frameworks R provides to troubleshoot issues.

What you'll learn

Every good developer knows that being able to troubleshoot their code effectively is crucial to being productive. In this course, Creating and Debugging R Programs, you'll gain an understanding of how independently running scripts works within the R platform and how to quickly debug them in the case the need arises. First, you’ll explore the various data types that R provides and learn how to leverage them when processing data. Once you have those understood, you’ll learn how variables are leveraged within functions and how they’re encapsulated within a function’s environment. Finally, you'll discover how to write a non-interactive R script and schedule it to run on multiple platforms. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to successfully write and run your own independent scripts and troubleshoot running them in a production environment.

About the author

Chris' commitment to continuous learning is bolstered by his passions for creative thinking and solving complex problems. Formally educated as a 3D game artist, Chris' self-taught journey into the realm of software engineering has led to over 10 years of industry experience as well as expertise in agile methodologies, project management, stakeholder interactions, object-oriented development, and domain-driven design.

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