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Creating Dynamic Weapon Concepts for Games in Photoshop

by Eddie Russell

Fantasy games have long been known for their beautiful and ornate melee weapons. Software required: Photoshop CC 14.2.

What you'll learn

Fantasy games have long been known for their beautiful and ornate melee weapons. While often times completely unrealistic, these fantasy weapons can be things of beauty that are sought after by players as an in-game reward. How would an artist even begin to come up with these fantastic designs? Follow along in this training to find out. We'll get started by brainstorming some aggressive but seemingly random silhouette shapes. These shapes don't have a purpose just yet, but hang tight: they will. From there, we'll become a bit more intentional and focus on creating shapes that will become the blades of our weapons. With all these varying shapes created, we'll spend one lesson looking at ways we can combine them to create a completed silhouette for both symmetrical and asymmetrical weapons. Next, we'll sketch some forms on the silhouette and move into rendering them out in grayscale.To wrap up this tutorial, we'll learn how to apply and refine color on top of our grayscale weapon. Software required: Photoshop CC 14.2.

About the author

Eddie began teaching creative professionals over ten years ago for Digital Tutors. In 2014 Digital Tutors was acquired by Pluralsight and he continued his focus on creating high quality training for artists in both the film and games industries. With a background in graphic design and illustration Eddie has always been focused on visual appeal. This can be seen through his courses in which he shares secrets for achieving production level quality for concept art, illustrations, textures, mater... more

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