Introducing Scrum Roles

by Derek Davidson

This course covers the roles in Scrum, their interactions, and some of the higher level concepts and techniques such as self-organization and handling of impediments.

What you'll learn

Scrum consists of roles, events, artifacts, and the rules that bind them together. In this course, Introducing Scrum Roles, you will learn foundational knowledge about the Scrum roles. First, you will discover what each of the roles does. Next, you will learn how the roles interact and the services that they provide to each other. Finally, you will explore how to leverage self-organization and also understand how the Scrum Master categorizes, and manages, impediments. When you are finished with this course, you will have the knowledge of Scrum roles needed to complete your understanding of Scrum.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Product Owner: Role and Responsibilities
Scrum Master: Role and Responsibilities
Development Team: Roles and Responsibilities
Examining Interactions Between Scrum Roles
Managing Impediments as a Scrum Master
Defining and Understanding Self-organization

About the author

Derek is a Professional Scrum Trainer with, the organization created by Scrum co-creator, Ken Schwaber.

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