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Jul 21, 2014
1h 52m

In this course, we'll explain the key legal concepts and practical steps you'll need to successfully raise money in an investment crowdfunding campaign.

About the author
About the author

Devin Thorpe, a "champion of social good," writes about, advocates for and advises change agents. Crowdfunding is a favorite tool for catalyzing change. He is a Forbes Contributor and a contributing editor at CrowdFundBeat. His books on personal finance and crowdfunding draw on his decades of entrepreneurial finance experience and his Cornell MBA.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Introduction to Investment Crowdfunding
Welcome to Investment Crowdfunding Fundamentals. This is Introduction to Investment Crowdfunding and I hope you'll find it useful. I'm the author, Devin Thorpe from YourMarkOnTheWorld. com. Welcome to the course. The first thing I want to point out as we begin this course, is that unlike traditional crowdfunding on kickstart or Indiegogo, and I hope you've taken my course on crowdfunding: my Introduction to Crowdfunding course, so that you can have some perspective, but unlike that traditional crowdfunding practice, crowdfunding for securities, issuing equity in your business, raising money this way, is a a highly regulated practice and you need the help of a good attorney. So before you actually go out and raise any money this way, please consult an attorney. And to be clear, I am not an attorney. Now this course is for you if you are an Entrepreneur. And I want to be clear you are an entrepreneur if you have a business. And you have a business the moment you say to yourself, "I have an idea to sell something that I create to someone who's not my employer. " And from that moment forward all of the activity you undertake to build your business, to establish your brand, everything you do to figure out your idea, to develop your product, to invent it, to create it, all of that is part of the process of building your business and is part of being an entrepreneur. And one of the first things you'll run into as an entrepreneur is that you need more money than you have. So crowdfunding, Investment Crowdfunding, may be a key way for you to raise the money you need to be a successful entrepreneur. So I invite you to continue this course and learn how to raise the money you need to be successful.

Getting Your Deal on a Crowdfunding Portal
Welcome to Module 3 of Investment Crowdfunding Fundamentals, Getting Your Deal on a Crowdfunding Portal: The key steps for launching an investment crowdfunding campaign. This is an important module because this is really what you came for. This is what you thought you would learn in this course. So you want to pay close attention to what we're going to cover in this module, because these are the steps that you came to learn. First let me start off by introducing you to the world of platforms for crowdfunding investments. You can see there are dozens and dozens and this is just a small sampling of the available crowdfunding sites and there are more and more all the time. It will be interesting to see which survive and which fail, but there are a lot to choose from. And there are a lot of different reasons to consider each one. There are five or six different axis on which you can evaluate these based on: how much money you hope to raise, which industry you're in, nature of the site, whether it's highly curated or open, and the industry it covers. So there are lots of different reasons for considering different sites. There certainly isn't a one size fits all platform for investment crowdfunding.