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Oct 15, 2013
1h 37m

Kendo is rapidly becoming one of the most popular frameworks for building professional looking web applications. More than just a beautiful set of widgets and data-visualizations, kendo is a complete framework with support for data, MVVM, object inheritance, Globalization, Single Page Applications and more.

About the author
About the author

Jesse Liberty is a Senior Consultant at Wintellect, where he specializes in Xamarin, Azure and Web development. He is a Certified Xamarin Developer, a Xamarin MVP and a Microsoft MVP.

Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Kendo and MVC
Hi this is Jesse Liberty from Pluralsight. In this module, we'll take a quick look at how Kendo integrates with MVC. The integration of Kendo and MVC makes for a very powerful combination. Kendo is a client-side technology, but the MVC Wrappers surround Kendo and integrate it with MVC as if it were a server-side technology. We do expect for this course that you're comfortable and familiar with MVC. If not, there are a number of good courses on Pluralsight, including my course 1asp. netfs. The libraries for Kendo are added on installation and the template for Kendo MVC applications includes the wrappers that greatly simplify working with Kendo. In essence, all the hard work is done server-side, but remember, Kendo itself runs client side. To get a sense of how all this comes together, let's take a look at a quick demo.

Better MVC With Kendo
Hi this is Jesse Liberty from Pluralsight. In this module, we're going to examine how you can greatly improve the quality and the user experience of your ASP. NET MVC Applications using Kendo. There are a great many Kendo Controls, and as you saw in the previous module, at bottom they are tied to HTML Controls. For example, among the Kendo Controls are AutoComplete, ColorPicker, the ComboBox, the DatePickers, DropDownList, NumericTextBox, Slider, and Upload, all tied to the Input control. The Unordered List has the Menu, the Panelbar, and the Treeview. The TextArea has the Editor. Select has Multiselect and DropDownList. An HTML Table supports the Kendo Grid and a plain Div supports the Calendar, Grid, ListView, Scheduler, TabStrip, Tooltip, and Charts. We'll examine how you create these controls in MVC using the Wrappers through a series of short demos.

MVC and Kendo Data Viz
Hi, this is Jesse Liberty for Pluralsight. In this module, we're going to take a look at MVC and Kendo Data Visualization. Data Visualization refers to the range of charts and gauges that are available in the Data Visualization package. Charts include such things as area charts and bar charts, bubble charts and line charts and pie charts, and many more. Gauges refer to both radial and linear gauges. Kendo Data Visualization is a very powerful way to represent data very simply. All of this is best understood by looking at demos that show how easy it is to take data and create data visualizations using Kendo with ASP. NET MVC.