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Meet MacRuby

by Geoffrey Grosenbach and Alex Vollmer

Learn to write real Mac OS X desktop applications with Ruby using MacRuby.

What you'll learn

MacRuby takes the "almost" out of "almost a desktop experience." With MacRuby, you can write real Mac OS X desktop applications with Ruby. MacRuby is a Ruby interpreter built by Apple on top of Objective-C. Unlike other scripting interfaces to the Cocoa frameworks, MacRuby objects are fully functional peers of Objective-C objects with no translation layer. This means that your Ruby applications can do almost anything a compiled application could do, and at near-native speed.

About the authors

Geoffrey founded PeepCode and has created numerous courses on Ruby, JavaScript and Shell. He commits code at https://github.com/topfunky.

Alex has been playing with computers since he first laid hands on an Apple II in the early 1980's. He began developing software professionally over fifteen years ago and has worked on a wide variety of systems and programming languages. Since the original iOS SDK was released in 2007, he has focused exclusively on iOS development. He has built several successful and award-winning apps both for himself and for clients in his consulting practice. In addition to software development, he is a... more

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