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Security Policies and Standards Automation on AWS for DevOps Engineers

by Saravanan Dhandapani

As you start preparing for your AWS certified DevOps Engineer certification, you need to pay close attention to security policies, automation, and cost optimization. This course will focus on the fourth domain of this certification.

What you'll learn

Though most companies think that cloud migration would help them save costs, they are in for a surprise if they don't adhere to some standards and set up cost controlling measures. In this course, Security Policies and Standards Automation on AWS for DevOps Engineers, you’ll learn to set up a governance strategy and create budgets to control costs for your enterprise.. First, you’ll explore the basics of IAM and some of the best practices recommended by AWS and learn how to manage access policies. Next, you’ll discover how to create budgets for your organization and make sure that your AWS cloud costs don’t exceed the budget and learn how to create cost and usage reports. Finally, you’ll learn how to group all your AWS accounts under one organization and set access control policies at different levels of your organization to effectively manage and control access to AWS resources. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of effective cost management and governance needed to secure and automate cost control of an enterprise and to clear the AWS DevOps Engineer certification.

About the author

I have worked in IT design, development, and architecture for over a decade for some of the top fortune 100 companies. I have designed and architected enterprise applications and developed scalable and portable software. I am a Google Certified Professional Architect. Critical areas where I have worked are architecture and design using Java, ESB, Tomcat, ReactJS, JavaScript, Linux, Oracle, SVN, GIT, and so on, and cloud technologies, including AWS and GCP.

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