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Troubleshooting Applications in Cloud Foundry

by Saravanan Dhandapani

Application resilience is equally as important as the business functionality it provides. This course will teach you the logs and metrics to monitor and effective troubleshooting tips to quickly bounce back if an application crashes.

What you'll learn

When it comes to application quality, the functionality it offers is just one piece of the puzzle. Other factors that make a web application high quality is its reliability, resiliency, and high availability. In this course, Troubleshooting applications in Cloud Foundry, you’ll learn to master the troubleshooting techniques needed to build a high quality application.. First, you’ll explore the logs and metrics that are needed for effective troubleshooting and learn how to stream application logs to splunk. Next, you’ll discover how to SSH to the application instance to troubleshoot issues on the VM Next you will learn the troubleshooting tips and techniques while deploying your application to Cloud Foundry. Finally, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot runtime issues and configure self healing application health checks. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of effective troubleshooting needed to develop and deliver a high quality web application.

About the author

I have worked in IT design, development, and architecture for over a decade for some of the top fortune 100 companies. I have designed and architected enterprise applications and developed scalable and portable software. I am a Google Certified Professional Architect. Critical areas where I have worked are architecture and design using Java, ESB, Tomcat, ReactJS, JavaScript, Linux, Oracle, SVN, GIT, and so on, and cloud technologies, including AWS and GCP.

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