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C# Scripting in Unity: The Observer Pattern

by Marc Gilbert

In this course, you'll learn to use the Observer Pattern when building games in Unity.

What you'll learn

Whether you’re making an RPG, or simple endless runner, what do you do when something happens in your game and multiple systems need to respond? Your AI needs to react, your UI needs to be updated; the scenarios are endless.

In this course, C# Scripting in Unity: The Observer Pattern, you’ll learn a tried and true design pattern for handling these scenarios, or any situation in which a single event occurs and multiple objects or systems need to respond.

First, you’ll review the ways objects communicate directly with each other in C# and Unity. Next, you’ll be introduced to Observer pattern. You’ll learn why it exists and when to use it. Finally, you will get hands-on experience implementing the pattern in a clean and concise way that you can use in any or all of your games.

When you’ve finished this course, you’ll have the skills and understanding required to implement this elegant solution to handling events in your games.

About the author

Marc's passion for programming began in the mid 80's on an Apple IIe. He's been able to parlay that passion into a fruitful career; having served in leadership roles both in-house and as a consultant to Fortune 100 firms. Marc began working with Unity in 2011, releasing RavenToll in 2012 under Frivoloustwist. He's continued working with the engine ever since. Marc left Corporate America in 2016 to focus solely on game development. His firm, Frivoloustwist is currently engaged in helping to... more

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