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No more gut feelings: How HelloFresh validates performance with rich team data

The Challenge

In the space of only three years, HelloFresh’s technical organization grew from 20 to over 200 people. “In order to scale quickly and organically, and to be able to move faster as an organization, we took a page out of Spotify’s book, gave it our own spin, and reorganized our teams into ‘tribes.’” explains Paulo Andre, Director of Engineering at HelloFresh.

With a reorg in the company’s rearview mirror and an even more aggressive hiring plan on the horizon, the company was concerned about the lack of visibility they had into their team’s activity.

“But as we continued to grow, it became very clear that we couldn’t manage the teams based on gut feeling anymore,” Paulo recalls. “In an organization of 200+, it’s absolutely impossible to stay connected with everyone and understand how things are going.”


“It’s increasingly important for us to be able to spot trends, problems, and work patterns that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Before Pluralsight Flow, this level of visibility across teams and repos just wasn’t possible.”

Paulo Andre, Director of Engineering at HelloFresh


The Solution

Paulo recalls that it wasn’t long before a member of the team proposed that they try Pluralsight. “It was immediately obvious that Pluralsight Flow went way beyond counting lines of code. It was clear that the platform was pulling together data and presenting it in a meaningful way. But we wanted to make sure that we trusted the data before we introduced it to the team.”

Early on, they realized Flow validated many of their gut feelings. “For example, we noticed that the classifications for our developers in the DevSnapshot were accurate: this person is an explorer, this person is a perfectionist. It was actually really comforting, ” Paulo says. Once HelloFresh knew it could trust the data, it started rolling it out to the organization.


The key benefits of Flow powered by GitPrime for HelloFresh

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Increase in Coding Days per Week

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Increase in Commits per Day

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Increase in Impact to Codebase

“Flow helped us move beyond gut feeling and gives us a rich view of our teams across the entire company.”

Paulo, Director of Engineering at HelloFresh

Results and next steps

Flow centralized HelloFresh’s view of engineering activity across teams, repos and codebases, onto a single dashboard of reports. Now, the organization can visualize how its teams normally work, both as a whole and on an individual level, which helps it spot trends and deviations away from the norm.

HelloFresh now primarily uses Flow on three levels


At the individual level: "Most senior engineers—who, being senior, understand the battle of self-awareness and continuous learning—use Flow to get visibility into their own patterns and way of working," Paulo explains. "They see it as an opportunity to understand more about themselves, and to see how they’re improving."


At the operational level: Engineering managers use Flow to understand their team’s work patterns and to quickly notice when something is off. Flow is also an important platform for managers of managers, who use it to be able to understand engineering activity across repos and teams.


At the executive level: HelloFresh uses Flow to identify where they are as an organization compared to industry benchmarks, and then actively report on that. "Our CTO loves Flow because it gives him a data-backed way to show at the executive level that the organization is performing at a really high level," Paulo says.

"Our CTO loves Pluralsight Flow because it gives him a data-backed way to show at the executive level that the organization is performing at a really high level."

Paulo Andre, Director of Engineering at HelloFresh

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