Acxiom Expands Technology Skills of Team with Pluralsight to Speed up Production and Drive New Business

Sep 30, 2019

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — Pluralsight, Inc. (NASDAQ: PS), the technology skills platform, today announced that Acxiom® is using Pluralsight to support its technology skills strategy. With Pluralsight, Acxiom has made technology skill development a strategic initiative and positioned the skills of its developer team as a competitive advantage and key business driver.

Acxiom combines data, technology, ethics and experience to help the world’s biggest and most forward-thinking brands understand consumers and unify marketing to enable unique experiences that matter. It designs, builds, deploys and manages unified data layers that help brands grow revenue, win new customers, increase customer loyalty, and optimize marketing spend. Recognizing the rapid pace of change in technology and the need to constantly develop new skills to meet the needs of its clients, Acxiom has partnered with Pluralsight to implement a skills strategy that allows them to move as quickly as the companies they serve.

To optimize upskilling, Acxiom has implemented its Level-up program to give its developers dedicated time throughout the quarter to build technology skills on Pluralsight. Through Level-up, developers participate in challenges using channels built on Pluralsight to learn new skills that align with a specific business objective. These new skills are then put to work at bi-annual hackathons to tackle business objectives that meet the needs of Acxiom clients.

“In our industry, new technologies are constantly emerging,” said John Riewerts, Senior Director of Engineering at Acxiom. “Identifying the ones that not only stick and are relevant but ultimately solve problems for our clients, is key to Acxiom’s ability to best serve existing clients and gain new ones. Pluralsight enables this to happen.”

Cloud strategy and bringing Acxiom’s Unified Data Layer solutions to its clients is a priority for Acxiom, and its Level-up program and hackathons helped Acxiom developers meet this business objective. Recognizing the need for expertise in multiple cloud providers to give clients the best-fitting solution, Acxiom empowered its developers to use Pluralsight to build the right skills and implement technologies that can work across cloud solutions.

“The impact of Pluralsight to our organization is pretty simple. It really boils down to training associates and retaining them,” said Blake Reed, Acxiom’s Director of Engineering. “As we’ve worked on products, we’ve had to adopt new technology stacks. Pluralsight helped us grow those skills and build new technologies to meet the market demand for clients who want to go with cloud, scalability and big data.”

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