CEO Aaron Skonnard’s Email to Pluralsight Employees

Dec 12, 2022

Earlier today, Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard sent the following note to Pluralsight team members.

As Pluralsight’s co-founder and CEO, I have had to share some difficult news at various points in our company’s history. What I am sharing today is one of the toughest messages that I’ve ever delivered.

I’ve spoken to all of you this year about the challenging economic environment we’re operating in and how it has affected our business performance. Unfortunately, these challenges have only accelerated in Q4 and, as a result, today we are restructuring and reducing the size of our team, impacting roughly 20% of our team members. As your CEO, I own this outcome and take full responsibility for the decisions that got us here.

While we would have preferred to meet individually with each of you before communicating this broadly, I wanted to ensure you heard this news from me directly. If your role is impacted, you will receive an invitation today for a one-on-one meeting with a leader from your organization.

I’m sorry for the impact this will have on many of you – we’ve let you down during a difficult time. Each of you has played an important role in advancing the technology workforce. Thank you for your dedication to Pluralsight, our mission, and most importantly, our customers.

I know this news is difficult to hear and I want to provide as much context for these decisions as possible. I encourage you to read my post on Life@PS where I’ve shared much more detail. In addition, you should have an invitation for Town Hall on Tuesday, December 13 where I'll share more about these changes. We'll also host an additional Town Hall on December 14 (local time) for our APAC colleagues. Both will include time for Q&A and you only need to attend one session. You can also look for additional communication from your executive about special All Hands meetings for each organization later this week.

I also ask that you continue to communicate with our company values top of mind — including in team interactions, company meetings, customer interactions, email and Slack — as we navigate these uncertain times together.

Our team members have always been at the heart of our business, throughout the company’s evolution. I’m continually impressed with how each of you embraces our values and brings our mission to life every day. As we navigate the changes ahead, please continue to support each other, lean on each other and lift each other up during this time. This is indeed a sad day. But as I look to the future, I am optimistic and believe strongly in Pluralsight’s mission and the value we will continue to bring to customers around the world.


About Pluralsight 

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