Joining Forces with Google to Reskill Developers in India

Jan 3, 2018
Joining forces with Google to reskill developers in India


Over the last few years, there’s been a lot of talk about the technology skills gap. As more and more organizations transform digitally, the demand for qualified developers, engineers and data architects who can develop and support the products customers need has increased dramatically.

And at the same time, the rate of change in technology is accelerating. It’s commonly said that half of what developers know will be obsolete in just two years, making it hard to stay relevant and for businesses to keep up.

This gap is even more pronounced in developing countries like India, where the demand for qualified tech employees outstrips the supply. The Indian government is already making a concerted effort to educate and train more workers, but the gap continues to grow.

According to NASSCOM, India’s IT trade association, the country’s tech sector will add 150,000 new workers in 2018 alone. And about the same number each year for the foreseeable future. But, while there will be an influx of new talent, the bigger challenge is helping the 3.9 million employees who have aging technology skills stay current. Nearly half of those employees need to reskill over the next five years.

We created Pluralsight to solve these exact problems, which is why I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Google to help reskill India’s workforce.

Helping Indian technologists develop the skills they need to succeed

We’ve teamed up with Google India to give 100,000+ developers free access to our platform. This innovative program is designed around four roles relevant to developers in India: Android developers, mobile web developers, cloud architects and data engineers. The program includes learning paths and over 200 courses covering in-demand topics like Mobile and Web development, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Platforms. It’s all designed to help developers improve their skills, so they can qualify for better projects and job opportunities.

The partnership is part of Google’s Reskillling India Program, which is designed to help two million developers in India acquire mobile and cloud computing skills to be more competitive in the global market. Google chose to partner with Pluralsight in part because our platform provides in-depth courses led by experts and assessments that help quantify and validate skills. Developers who participate can start by measuring their skills with Pluralsight IQ to know where to begin learning and how their skills compare to their peers. The learning paths cover all of the knowledge developers need in order to achieve an “expert” IQ by the end of two months.

Democratizing tech learning

Our mission at Pluralsight is to create progress through technology that improves the human condition. And we aim to do that by democratizing technology learning — providing people with access to our platform who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. As the demand for highly skilled tech workers in India continues to grow, we believe our partnership with Google will play a critical role in helping technologists, and the organizations that desperately need them, create products and services that can change the world.

If you live in India and want to take advantage of this access, sign up here.

About Pluralsight

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