Nexer Selects Pluralsight to Support Technology Skill Development of its Team to Deliver Greater Value for Customers

Jun 17, 2021

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — Pluralsight, Inc., the technology workforce development company, today announced that Nexer, a leading global technology strategy and services firm, has selected Pluralsight to power the technology skills development program for its team to deliver greater value for its customers.

"It’s our team that makes the technology dreams of our customers a reality, and it’s their ability to transform knowledge into customer value that creates success,” said Dan Jonsson, Division Manager at Nexer Group. “A learning culture, where we embrace and share knowledge both within and outside Nexer, is of the utmost importance. To do this, we need to have access to the cutting edge skill development content and hands-on learning experiences that Pluralsight is known for.”

Nexer believes strongly in a promising future for its customers, employees and the world at large. For Nexer, the key to creating a brighter future is the knowledge and skills of its team, which is why they invest so heavily in fostering a strong learning culture throughout the company. Nexer understands that to create the most value for its customers through technology, they have to invest in the skills of their team to ensure they are up to date on the latest technologies.

“As a service driven business, knowledge is key. Our customers depend on our knowledge and expertise to bring their vision to life through technology,” added Jonsson. “The key to it all is our ability to stay at the forefront of new technologies and there is no better way to do that than by investing in our team by providing them complete access to Pluralsight to upskill in new technologies, practice what they are learning and measure their skills progression.”

With Pluralsight Skills, Nexer’s team can now upskill in cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data science, and security with access to courses and hands-on labs taught by the world’s leading experts. They can also take skill assessments to benchmark their progress in a new technology and identify the gaps they need to fill to provide the best service possible to Nexer’s customers.

About Pluralsight 

Pluralsight is the leading technology workforce development company that helps companies and teams build better products by developing critical skills, improving processes and gaining insights through data, and providing strategic skills consulting. Trusted by forward-thinking companies of every size in every industry, Pluralsight helps individuals and businesses transform with technology. Pluralsight Skills helps enterprises build technology skills at scale with expert-authored courses on today’s most important technologies, including cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data science, and security, among others. Skills also includes tools to align skill development with business objectives, virtual instructor-led training, hands-on labs, skill assessments and one-of-a-kind analytics. Flow complements Skills by providing engineering teams with actionable data and visibility into workflow patterns to accelerate the delivery of products and services. For more information about Pluralsight, visit