NuWave Solutions Selects Pluralsight to Support its Skills Development in Machine Learning, ETL and Java

Jun 28, 2019

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — Pluralsight, Inc. (NASDAQ: PS), the enterprise technology skills platform, announced today that analytics and data management technology provider NuWave Solutions is using Pluralsight to achieve its career development initiatives.

“We look at Pluralsight as the foundation for technology learning in our company,” said Mark Keyser, CEO of NuWave. “The ability to identify the skills our employees need, and then enabling our employees to follow their personalized learning paths, is helping us deliver better data solutions to our customers.”

As NuWave began expanding its company-wide career development plan, the company knew it needed a powerful content provider with the right courses and activities to meet the technology skill development needs of NuWave’s workforce. Pluralsight was among a handful of potential companies selected for a trial run. Three weeks later, the company’s employees overwhelmingly named Pluralsight as their chosen skill development platform.

NuWave’s career development plan, called the NuWave Institute of Technology (NIT), was created in part by a group of experts within the company. The members of that group are building channels with Pluralsight to identify the skills NuWave employees need to successfully complete projects requested by customers. These tasks are assisted by Pluralsight’s Role IQ, which determines the skill strengths and weaknesses by team or individual worker. After identifying those skills, the group matches courses and performance tasks to those employee needs.

With Pluralsight, employees have 24-hour access to more than 8,000 courses to learn new technology skills and update their current abilities. The Skill IQ test gives a detailed assessment of employee skills in areas such as machine learning, extract-transform-load (ETL) functions and Java. NuWave rewards those employees who successfully complete courses and demonstrate proficiency in their new skills with an NIT Certification.

About Pluralsight 

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