Our message for LGBTQ+ youth: We need you. You belong here.

Dec 4, 2017


At Pluralsight, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to create their future. Technology unlocks so many opportunities for people. It drives progress for the world. It powers tomorrow. It can give people purpose and passion in their careers. Everyone should have the chance to contribute to this growth, and the fact is — we need you. The talent shortage is a problem: 40% of global employers have difficulty finding skilled people to fill tech jobs. One of the most powerful ways to make a dent in the skills gap is by getting students interested in technology early. All students.

It’s no secret the tech industry has an inclusion problem, so getting students from all walks of life excited about technology is increasingly important. We need as many voices at the table as possible, and Pluralsight is committed to creating a more diverse workplace and industry. It’s one of the key reasons we launched Pluralsight One.

This is also why it was such an honor to host Utah’s first-ever LGBTQ+ Hour of Code workshop at the recent Encircle IGNITE Summit. The event helped high school students cultivate the skills they need to face the future courageously. Pluralsight employees taught classes on robotics, programming and more.

It makes me proud to work alongside people who are not only committed to democratizing technology, but who contribute their time and talent and make real connections with those who need them most.

Here’s our message to this group of young leaders, who so often face incredible barriers.

We need you. We want you. We know you will create incredible things.

Our message for LGBTQ+ youth: We need you. You belong here.

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