Arcadis Builds Digital Fluency with Pluralsight Skills

Jul 19, 2023

Company delivers 40% increase in tech proficiency in first 90 days

Silicon Slopes, Utah — Pluralsight, the technology workforce development company, today announced that Arcadis, a global leader in sustainable architecture and engineering consultancy solutions, is leveraging Pluralsight Skills to power its technology skills development program. With Pluralsight Skills, Arcadis has accelerated its efforts to achieve digital fluency, ensuring that every employee, regardless of technical background, is equipped with the technical proficiency to deliver customer value.

Technology influences all parts of an organization, making it imperative to provide the entire workforce with an understanding of key technologies regardless of role. However, according to research from McKinsey, cultural and behavioral challenges and lack of understanding of digital trends are the two most significant challenges organizations face when trying to achieve digital priorities like cloud transformation. A lack of tech fluency within an organization can create knowledge gaps and misunderstandings that slow the pace of innovation.

To create a tech-fluent workforce, Arcadis launched its Citizen Development program, a three-month learning program that teaches employees the skills they need to use different tools and techniques across a spectrum of technologies, including data, cloud, security, artificial intelligence, and software development. The program is made accessible to employees not yet certified in key technologies with a goal to create a shared technological understanding that removes barriers, paves the way for cross-functional dialogue, and increases collaboration. More than 100 employees, across a variety of roles, have already upskilled and expanded their capabilities.

“Investing in our staff through upskilling is super important to make sure we get to where we want to be. In the end, it’s all about our people.” said Bram Mommers, Arcadis Global Technology Officer. “By providing our people with the opportunity to learn valuable technology skills, we’ve become better equipped to address real-world challenges and we’ve been able to free up resources for strategic initiatives and the larger needs of the business. And this is only the beginning - we will soon expand our program to include more than 2,000 Arcadians.”

To power the Citizen Development program, Arcadis leverages the Pluralsight Skills platform, the only learning platform dedicated to accelerating the technology skills and capabilities of today’s tech workforce. Pluralsight provides Arcadis with customized learning paths that are aligned to the company’s tech fluency objectives. With access to on-demand video courses and hands-on learning experiences taught by the world’s leading experts, Arcadis’ employees have the necessary tools to develop their skills more effectively and at scale.

Additionally, Arcadis is using Pluralsight’s Skill IQ and Role IQ, real-time measurement and assessment of a learner’s performance used to benchmark individuals’ upskilling progress in a new technology and identify the gaps they need to close to deliver on objectives. Thanks to Pluralsight Skills, Arcadis has already seen a 40% increase in tech proficiency in just 90 days, which has empowered employees to transition into more technical roles.

"Arcadis understands that today, every company is a technology company, making it necessary for employees to have a basic understanding of technology - without it, every business risks falling behind the competition," said Matthew Collier, Chief Customer Officer at Pluralsight. "With Pluralsight, Arcadis is building on its strong technical knowledge to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the digital revolution in its industry, while allowing leaders to create a learning environment that scales. We are proud to work with Arcadis to expand the technology skills their organization needs.”

Learn more about how Pluralsight is helping Arcadis build tech fluency here.

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