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Nov 10, 2014

Pluralsight and LaunchCode Partner to Solve Employment Challenges Through Training for High-Demand Tech Jobs

LaunchCode’s St. Louis Program Will Eventually Be Scaled Nationally to Extend Technical Skills Training and Apprenticeship Resources to More Candidates

Pluralsight will give LaunchCode participants one year of free access to its full online tech training library, the largest in the world

SALT LAKE CITY – Pluralsight, a global leader in online training for technology professionals, today announced a partnership with the nonprofit LaunchCode. Co-founded by Square's Jim McKelvey, LaunchCode helps unemployed and underemployed candidates secure apprenticeships and jobs in technology. The partnership will assist LaunchCode’s St. Louis program in broad national expansion. 

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 1 million programming jobs will go unfilled by 2020. Through this partnership, Pluralsight and LaunchCode aim to close the country’s enormous tech talent gap and create a full-service pathway to a successful career in technology. Those that participate will receive assistance with tech skills training, job placement, and professional support. 

“LaunchCode is doing incredible work placing talented, non-traditional candidates into tech apprenticeships with top companies in St. Louis,” said Aaron Skonnard, Pluralsight CEO and co- founder. “We are excited to provide skills training to fuel the program as it grows nationally, training candidates to fill the employment gap for programming positions. Pluralsight training ensures that program participants have the necessary hard skills and resources to excel in their new careers.” 

LaunchCode participants will have one year of free access to the full Pluralsight online training library — more than 3,000 courses — empowering them to attain the technical skills necessary to jumpstart a new career in technology. The majority of new LaunchCoders are self-taught and do not have professional tech experience. In fact, 82 percent of LaunchCode participants do not have a technical degree, and 42 percent do not have a college degree. In addition, approximately 50 percent of LaunchCoders are unemployed when they enter the program, with a notable portion coming from long-term unemployment. 

By providing participants with free access to Pluralsight’s training library, LaunchCode believes it can expand and enhance its program, which already yields impressive results. 

  • 90 percent of LaunchCode apprentices are offered full-time employment within three months 
  • 43 percent of LaunchCoders were unemployed prior to the program. 
  • A majority of LaunchCode participants complete the program with a 200 percent increase in salary 

LaunchCode collaborates with hundreds of companies – from large enterprises like Mastercard and Centene to up-and-coming companies like Upside and Fusion Marketing – to set up special onramps into apprenticeships and jobs in technology. Apprentices are paid $15 hourly and receive career counseling as they work toward a full-time position that focuses on individual ability instead of routine credentials. 

"Through a LaunchCode apprenticeship, I landed an idyllic job at a fast-growing agency,” said Chad Juehring, a digital interactive developer at Creative Producers Group in St. Louis. “In this field, the learning never stops. Pluralsight’s educational resources now provide an opportunity to stay ahead of the pack, while helping me excel in my career.” 

Staying ahead of industry trends can be especially challenging for programmers as new languages and functionalities are released. The training offered through Pluralsight greatly enhances a candidate’s opportunity to be offered a long-term role and remain invaluable in the job market. As the LaunchCode program expands, these benefits will be extended to potential candidates across the nation. 

“Our partnership with Pluralsight comes at a very exciting time when LaunchCode is ascending out of pilot mode and expanding into new cities,” said Jim McKelvey, co-founder of LaunchCode. “There is an immense need in Missouri – and all across the country – for more pathways to economic opportunity and upward mobility. Pluralsight gives participants the opportunity to hyper drive this process, with enormous potential to expand their skill sets and become qualified for top tech jobs.” 

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