Pluralsight Delivers GitPrime Integration and Expanded Skills Offerings for Cloud, AI, Data and Security at Pluralsight LIVE 2019

Aug 28, 2019

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — Pluralsight, Inc. (NASDAQ: PS), the enterprise technology skills platform, today announced updates and enhancements for its industry-leading skill development solutions at Pluralsight LIVE. These updates include the introduction of Pluralsight Skills - the new name for its core skill development product; the initial integration of its GitPrime acquisition into its Skills product; expansion of its industry-leading cloud skills offering; and expansion of skills development courses in other core technology segments such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, data, and security.

“Enterprises worldwide are turning to Pluralsight as their partner to help their teams develop and maintain the technology skills they need to accelerate revenue growth, acquire customers, expand into new markets, and reduce development cycles,” said Aaron Skonnard, co-founder and CEO of Pluralsight. “We are keeping pace with the acceleration of advancements in new technologies for developers and IT practitioners by rapidly expanding the availability of fresh content in core technology areas that matter to our customers, giving tech leaders the fastest path to transform tech skills at scale.”

Introducing Pluralsight Flow and Phase One of GitPrime Integration into Pluralsight Skills

At the conference, Pluralsight announced the introduction of Flow, the new name for GitPrime’s suite of solutions. Flow provides software engineering leaders with advanced analytics and a data-driven view into their software development workflow to eliminate bottlenecks, improve engineering collaboration, and enable teams and leaders to be more successful.

The initial integration of Flow into the Skills product is language analytics, a data visualization that connects course view time with code commits, delivering software engineering leaders with unprecedented visibility into how their teams work. This visibility allows leaders to align skill development with software development initiatives and assess that learning activities both align with current project goals and build capabilities for the future.

“With Pluralsight Skills, we are able to continuously upskill our engineers. The added visibility into our engineering workflow I now get from Pluralsight Flow allows me to be a more effective leader with minimal time investment. And now, with the introduction of language analytics, we'll have the ability to see how our teams learning aligns with code commits. This important integration will help us drive a stronger connection between skill development and engineering excellence," said Nathan Reitz, Director of Software Engineering at WSECU, which has utilized Pluralsight since 2013.

Pluralsight Expands Cloud Skills Leadership

As organizations drive toward cloud maturity, Pluralsight has become the technology skills platform of choice for enterprises, enabling technology leaders to ensure that their teams have the tools to address skills gaps and maximize return on investment in the cloud. As enterprises continue to invest heavily in the cloud, so too has Pluralsight invested heavily in providing content specifically designed to ensure that skills keep pace with rapidly evolving cloud technologies. In 2019, Pluralsight has added more than 300 new courses, 16 Role IQs and nearly 50 Skill IQs for the cloud.

Additionally, in 2019, Pluralsight has seen dramatic content growth specifically designed to cover skills on the three largest cloud providers in the world including 182% growth in AWS content, 44% growth in Azure content and 136% growth in GCP content. As part of Pluralsight’s commitment to the cloud, this week the company announced updates for skills coverage on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Pluralsight Expands Skills Offerings For Leading Tech Trends

In addition to Pluralsight’s leadership in cloud skills, the company has made investments into delivering skills offerings for the fastest growing technology trends, including AI and machine learning, data and security. As customers demand more content to help them keep pace with ever-evolving technology trends, Pluralsight has seen a 74% growth in data content, a 200% growth in AI and machine learning, and a 35% growth in security skills. This rapid expansion of fresh content includes more than 17,400 hours of video, 1,500 new video courses added and the creation of more than 200 skill assessments.

About Pluralsight 

Pluralsight is the leading technology workforce development company that helps companies and teams build better products by developing critical skills, improving processes and gaining insights through data, and providing strategic skills consulting. Trusted by forward-thinking companies of every size in every industry, Pluralsight helps individuals and businesses transform with technology. Pluralsight Skills helps enterprises build technology skills at scale with expert-authored courses on today’s most important technologies, including cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data science, and security, among others. Skills also includes tools to align skill development with business objectives, virtual instructor-led training, hands-on labs, skill assessments and one-of-a-kind analytics. Flow complements Skills by providing engineering teams with actionable data and visibility into workflow patterns to accelerate the delivery of products and services. For more information about Pluralsight, visit