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May 16, 2017

Pluralsight Extends Capabilities for the Enterprise with New Features Designed for CIOs and CTOs

Integrated Product Features Include Analytics to Gauge Teams’ Skill Proficiencies and Trending Topics, Customized Learning Tracks to Align Learning to Business Goals, and Live Mentoring for Enterprise Teams

SILICON SLOPES – Pluralsight, the enterprise technology learning platform, today announced a new set of product features for its enterprise customers. The new features allow CIOs, CTOs, and engineering leaders to understand the technical aptitude of their teams, align learning to business objectives and reach breakthrough moments faster.

“Businesses have a choice – embrace the latest technologies or fail,” said Aaron Skonnard, CEO and cofounder of Pluralsight. “CIOs, CTOs and their teams are under increasing pressure to deliver the next big innovation, and the growing technology skills gap is their biggest obstacle to success. Our new enterprise features will help them combat the skills gap, learn and adopt the most critical technologies faster and gain a competitive edge.”

New features include:

·   Skill Analytics - enables CIOs, CTOs and technology leaders to quantify and deeply understand the strengths and weaknesses of their team’s digital skill sets, and gives visibility into popular subjects they may want to consider as part of their digital strategies.

·   Channels - allows technology leaders to build and share customized learning tracks that help their teams learn the mission-critical skills required to execute proficiently and meet business objectives.

·   Mentoring for enterprise - empowers enterprise tech teams to get live help from an expert mentor via video chat, bi-directional screen sharing, and messaging through the technology learning platform.

More than 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on Pluralsight to enable technology leaders and teams to keep up with the pace of technological change and deliver key innovations on time, on budget, and securely. Through its platform, Pluralsight empowers technology leaders and their teams to learn directly from world-renowned industry experts on the most important trending topics like cybersecurity, big data, cloud, and AI.

For more information about Pluralsight’s technology learning platform and its new features, visit

About Pluralsight 

Pluralsight is the leading technology workforce development company that helps companies and teams build better products by developing critical skills, improving processes and gaining insights through data, and providing strategic skills consulting. Trusted by forward-thinking companies of every size in every industry, Pluralsight helps individuals and businesses transform with technology. Pluralsight Skills helps enterprises build technology skills at scale with expert-authored courses on today’s most important technologies, including cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data science, and security, among others. Skills also includes tools to align skill development with business objectives, virtual instructor-led training, hands-on labs, skill assessments and one-of-a-kind analytics. Flow complements Skills by providing engineering teams with actionable data and visibility into workflow patterns to accelerate the delivery of products and services. For more information about Pluralsight, visit

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