Pluralsight Launches Investment Profile and Incorporates DORA Metrics to Accelerate Product Delivery

Oct 12, 2022

New features available in Pluralsight Flow reduce developer friction and non-essential effort

Silicon Slopes, Utah Pluralsight, the technology workforce development company, today launched two new capabilities for its software development intelligence platform, Pluralsight Flow, which helps engineering teams accelerate software delivery. The new features include Investment Profile which is designed to help engineering leaders align engineering efforts to company priorities, justify investments, and accurately capitalize R&D expenses. The company is also incorporporating industry-standard DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) metrics reporting into Pluralsight Flow to assist in measuring DevOps performance.

“DevOps teams strive to deliver stable, reliable software continuously to customers, but in order to optimize and allocate resources properly, they need visibility into what teams are spending time on, and where they need help,” said Greg Ceccarelli, General Manager at Pluralsight Flow. “By incorporating Investment Profile and DORA Metrics into Pluralsight Flow, customers can better understand team constraints, align engineering efforts to priorities, and ultimately deliver more value to their business faster.”

Investment Profile
Engineering organizations have to balance high-level strategic initiatives with day-to-day maintenance and codebase health, but it is often an insurmountable task to understand exactly where engineering team effort is being spent.

With Investment Profile, software engineering organizations can visualize where their resources and time are going. By understanding engineers’ capacity and focus, leaders and teams can better allocate and distribute work by visualizing the balance between new features and necessary maintenance. Investment Profile can be fully customized for the requirements of the organization, but also comes auto-configured out-of-the box so that leaders can immediately analyze historical data to understand prior investments and plan for future investments.

Engineering leaders find the Investment Layers function of Investment Profile particularly valuable because the report can be customized with existing investment categories.

“My team is in the middle of annual planning and Investment Layers is the key component – everyone from the Chief Product Officer to tech leads are all looking at it regularly to determine where our capacity went this year,” said Nicholas Blair, Director of Engineering at Sonatype. “It's been critical for planning next year's projects and resources. Outside of annual planning, I check Investment Layers bi-weekly to report to my executive stakeholders on our progress and timing for our initiatives. It's a whole new level of visibility that makes allocating work, planning resources, and reporting progress so much easier.”

DORA Metrics
Industry-standard DORA Metrics are designed to help engineering teams see how well they deliver value to customers while also ensuring they’re not sacrificing quality and product stability for speed. With information and data sourced from CI/CD, incident management, and issue tracking systems, teams have newfound visibility into the health of their delivery pipelines as expressed by the core four metrics: lead time for change, deployment frequency, change failure rate and time to restore service.

With Pluralsight Flow, customers have these lagging metrics at their fingertips. When paired with Flow’s leading measures, customers can understand what processes and operations are slowing their development teams while ensuring they're not sacrificing stability for throughput. Through Flow reports like Retrospective, Sprint Movement, and now Investment Profile, customers will have the business context needed to contextualize DORA Metrics and provide complete understanding of what decisions are influencing engineering teams’ outcomes.

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