Pluralsight Introduces Tech Foundations – A New Solution to Help Organizations Achieve Digital Fluency

Oct 12, 2022

Company also launches custom cloud sandboxes, providing technologists with a hands-on, immersive cloud learning experience

Silicon Slopes, Utah Pluralsight, the technology workforce development company, today announced the launch of Tech Foundations — a solution that empowers everyone, regardless of technical background, to become conversant in today’s most relevant technologies. The company also unveiled Custom Cloud Sandboxes for its recently acquired A Cloud Guru (ACG) product, providing customers with hands-on learning experiences through sandbox environments that are tailored to their organization’s cloud environment.

Tech Foundations Places Organizations on a Path to Tech Fluency
Technology influences all parts of an organization, making it imperative to provide the entire workforce with an understanding of key technologies regardless of role. In many cases, digital transformation is stifled by limited knowledge of technology fundamentals. According to research from McKinsey, cultural and behavioral challenges and lack of understanding of digital trends are the two most significant challenges organizations face when trying to achieve digital priorities.

A lack of tech fluency within an organization can create knowledge gaps and misunderstandings that slow the pace of innovation. Pluralsight’s tech fluency solution, Tech Foundations, creates a shared technological understanding that removes barriers, paves the way for cross-functional dialogue, and increases collaboration.

Tech Foundations provides purpose-built content across 12 topics including agile, cloud computing, platforms, extended reality and the metaverse, automation, data, security and more. Learning assessments are also included to help participants determine their existing tech knowledge so they only spend time in areas where they need to grow.

“Today, every company is a technology company, making it imperative for employees to have a basic understanding of tech - without it, every business risks falling behind the competition,” said Gary Eimerman, Chief Product Officer at Pluralsight. “Built in a way that engages everyone, our Tech Foundations solution ensures organizations can provide their employees with a strong, fundamental knowledge of technologies that are shaping businesses, while allowing leaders to create a learning environment that scales.”

Custom Cloud Sandboxes Allow Technologists to Experiment and Innovate
A Cloud Guru, a Pluralsight company, has launched custom cloud sandboxes, which allows customers to create one-of-a-kind sandbox environments tailored to their organization’s own cloud infrastructure. This new hands-on experience builds upon A Cloud Guru’s existing Cloud Playground and enhances the user experience by giving leaders the ability to provide learners custom environments to practice and experiment with new cloud services using real accounts on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Pluralsight’s 2022 State of Cloud Report found that only 8% of technologists have significant cloud related skills, while 64% of technologists consider themselves to be beginners to cloud technologies. These stats make it clear that technologists need opportunities for deep cloud learning, and custom cloud sandboxes offer hands-on experience to get technologists up to speed in the cloud.

Customers of A Cloud Guru have begun using Custom Cloud Sandboxes to help employees innovate within an organization’s specific cloud environment. Nordcloud, a leader in European cloud services, is a great example.

"My training programs at Nordcloud place an emphasis on creating consultants who are highly skilled in the cloud hyperscalers,” said Alexander Arts, Launchpad Cloud Architect/Azure Technical Trainer at Nordcloud. “With ACG’s Custom Cloud Sandboxes, we will be able to provide learning that is focused and intentional. One very important aspect is the level of customization. Custom Cloud Sandboxes reflect our organization's specific services and configurations that will prepare our consultants with the capabilities to ensure customer success."

Learn more about Pluralsight’s Tech Foundations feature here and the company’s Custom Cloud Sandboxes here.

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