DJ Anderson

VP, Communications

Mariangel Babbel

Director, Communications

Nov 17, 2009

Pluralsight Launches Site Upgrades, New Subscription Plans and Course Releases for the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference

HINGHAM, MA – Pluralsight, a Microsoft .NET training provider, announces today at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2009, navigational site upgrades, new subscription plans and course releases to the On-Demand! training library, providing .NET developers a progressively more innovative, yet affordable and high-quality training solution. 

The changes to the Pluralsight On-Demand! library and subscription offerings are designed to give individuals and managers flexibility and customization when considering training solutions. “Whether you're looking to learn how to perform specific developer tasks, ramp-up on new developer technologies and practices, or fully master a particular technology through a full-length training course, we now have an affordable solution for you,” said Aaron Skonnard, President & Co-Founder of Pluralsight. “The new features we’re releasing ultimately give our customers more choice and more pricing options while givingthem access to a full library of valuable training content.” 

Pluralsight has launched several new navigational site upgrades. The library now features a search toolbar for easier navigation and isolation of courses by technology and author. Furthermore, Pluralsight has created a new subscription model where each plan highlights different training features, such as downloadable videos for the Zune & iPhone, Hands-On labs, and weekly Office Hours. 

Pluralsight introduces a three-tiered core subscription plan, including a monthly pricing option. The Standard subscription features how-tos, tutorials and course videos online and can be purchased monthly. The main difference between the Standard subscription and the Professional subscription is the ability to now download courses for the Zune & iPhone, a feature Pluralsight customers have been eagerly anticipating. The Premium subscription includes Standard and Professional subscription features and introduces downloadable access to Hands-On lab exercises. Additionally, subscribers of the Premium subscription will have access to weekly Office Hours. Office Hours is a weekly webcast series providing Premium subscribers a unique opportunity to ask specific questions related to the webcast topic, Pluralsight On-Demand courses, labs, or questions related to their own projects.  

The Pluralsight On-Demand! training library now contains the following new courses; iPhone ASP.NET Fundamentals, SharePoint Services Fundamentals for Developers, Silverlight 3 Fundamentals (updated for v3.0), BizTalk 2009 Fundamentals and Managed Services Engine Fundamentals (MSE). With the addition of the new courses, the library now contains 20 courses, almost tripling since inception. Pluralsight is committed to leading with innovative training solutions with the ultimate goal of providing the highest quality course material coupled with the best delivery platforms serving developers globally.  

Pricing & Availability 

Access to the Pluralsight On-Demand! library can now be achieved through a range of new pricing options to accommodate virtually any budget while allowing subscribers to still have the training features they really care about.  

Standard subscription 

Access to the full library including how-to videos, beginner tutorials and full training courses + monthly purchase option. $99/month - or - $499/year

Professional subscription 

Access to the full library including how-to videos, beginner tutorials and full training courses + downloadable videos for iPod & Zune. $999/year 

Premium subscription 

Access to the full library including how-to videos, beginner tutorials and full training courses + downloadable videos for iPod & Zune + Hands-On lab exercises + weekly Office Hours. $1499/year 

Subscriptions include access to all current Pluralsight On-Demand! courses and all the new course materials and content adding during the subscription period at no additional charge. All courses and materials are delivered in the English language. 

Pluralsight also offers multi-user and site license plans for corporations needing to purchase bulk subscriptions for groups, departments or the entire company.