Pluralsight Introduces a Fast and Accurate Way to Assess Expertise in Technology Roles

Aug 29, 2018

New Hands-On Learning Experiences Launched to Deepen Technology Skill Development

SILICON SLOPES – Pluralsight Inc. (Nasdaq: PS), the enterprise technology learning platform, today at Pluralsight LIVE 2018 unveiled Role IQ, an efficient and clear way to determine a technology professional’s expertise level. Role IQ gives CIOs and CTOs the ability to replace manual benchmarking and outdated staffing strategies with science-driven assessments and real-time analytics that help ensure technology professionals are well-positioned to deliver on business objectives.

Role IQ, powered by Pluralsight’s machine learning algorithms Iris, builds upon the success of Skill IQ, which has benchmarked more than 1 million technology skills worldwide. While Skill IQ measures an individual’s proficiency in a specific software technology (e.g. Angular) in as little as five minutes and 20 questions, Role IQ measures a collection of skills an individual needs to be successful in her role. An Angular web developer, for example, can now quantify her expertise—with Role IQ—by measuring her knowledge of Angular, JavaScript, CSS, Typescript, Git, NPM, ES6, RxJS and HTML5. Based on the results of her skill assessments, she will receive a Role IQ that rates her proficiency level (Beginner, Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3) in this role relative to other Angular web developers and a customized learning path to help fill her skill gaps.

With more than 120 skill assessments available across a variety of technologies, CIOs and CTOs can determine the role proficiency of each person in their organization by designing custom roles or by leveraging the roles created by Pluralsight and its partners.

“Technology has the power to drive progress, and technology skills are desperately needed in every business today to unlock those possibilities,” said Aaron Skonnard, co-founder and CEO of Pluralsight. "With the launch of Role IQ, we're expanding the capabilities of our platform and giving CIOs, CTOs and technology professionals what they've wanted for years: a way to accurately measure technology expertise in specific roles, as well as a clear path to continually develop that expertise.”

The following Roles IQs were announced today:

  • Security Analyst
  • Server Administrator (Microsoft Windows Server)
  • BI / Data Analyst (Tableau)
  • Unity Game Developer
  • Angular Web Developer
  • React Web Developer
  • Vue Web Developer
  • ASP.NET Web Developer
  • Node Web Developer

Pluralsight also announced three Role IQs created with help from Microsoft specifically tailored for Microsoft Azure including:  

  • Microsoft Azure Administrator
  • Microsoft Azure Solution Architect
  • Microsoft Azure Developer

"Microsoft Azure is constantly adding new functionality that requires new skills." said Jeff Sandquist, GM of Cloud and AI Developer Relations at Microsoft. "Through our collaboration with Pluralsight, Azure professionals will now have the ability to quickly and accurately measure their proficiency, stay current in their roles and become the best at what they do."

With plans to make Role IQs available for additional technology positions, Pluralsight will continue to create roles independently and in partnership with Microsoft, Google and other industry leaders.

At LIVE, Pluralsight also launched new hands-on learning experiences to help technology professionals learn and master critical skills. Pluralsight’s interactive courses simulates a full development environment and prompts users with in-browser coding challenges to test their knowledge as they learn. Projects, designed to mimic real-world scenarios, allow users to test their skills in a local environment to validate for accuracy before applying those skills at work.

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