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Course 1

Building Your First Microsoft SQL Server Big Data Cluster

This course will teach you what Microsoft SQL Server Big Data Clusters are, how to install them, and how to use them. You will also take a look at the underlying technologies and tools.
course 2

Troubleshooting SQL Server Performance Problems

This course presents two customer scenarios to demonstrate hands-on approaches to troubleshoot and resolve SQL Server performance problems in Production database environments.
Course 3

Customizing Salesforce with Lightning Aura Components

This course will teach you how to customize Lightning Experience and mobile Salesforce using the Aura Lightning Component Framework.
Course 4

Manage Couchbase Servers and Clusters

Cluster and node management is a crucial topic for a Couchbase administrator. This course delves into handling node failures, data transfers, cluster backups, and the setting up of remote replicas to ensure the availability of your data.
Course 5

Microsoft Azure Data Explorer - Advanced KQL

In this course, you will learn advanced topics in the Kusto Query Language from within the Azure Data Explorer.
1.25 - 1.31
  • Core Python: Classes and Object-orientation
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning on AWS
  • Implementing and Operating AWS Machine Learning Solutions
  • Kubernetes for Developers: Moving from Docker Compose to Kubernetes
  • Implementing Pub/Sub Messaging with Amazon SNS
2.1 - 2.7
  • Keeping your Azure Apps Healthy and Happy
  • Kubernetes, GitHub, and DevOps
  • Tackling Code Issues with Your App
  • Taking DevOps to the Next Level with GitHub and Azure DevOps: DEVintersection 2019
  • Get Answers in Context with Semantic Search in Microsoft 365