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Course 1

Managing Splunk Enterprise Security Data and Dashboards

Splunk Enterprise Security is a premium application used within the Splunk deployment to help with SOC operations. This course will teach you how to manage your data, and manage the dashboards and feature using the data.
course 2

OS Analysis with HELK

HELK provides machine learning and graph analysis to world class windows log collection and analysis across your enterprise not found in other tools, for free! In this course, you will learn to hunt adversary activity on endpoints using HELK.
Course 3

Collection with PowerUpSQL

In a red team engagement, it is crucial to collect sensitive information to demonstrate the impact of a cyber attack to your client. This course will teach you how to collect sensitive data from Microsoft SQL databases using the PowerUpSQL tool.
Course 4

Credential Access with Cain & Abel

From manipulating network traffic to cracking user credentials, this course will give you the skills and understanding to further your red teaming objectives towards exploitation, credential access, and lateral movement.
Course 5

Introduction to Aruba Networking: Network Security

The Aruba Network Security Essentials course teaches participants foundational network security knowledge to build an understanding of enterprise-level network security technologies. This is a great starting point for individuals interested in a career as a network security professional.
6.22 - 6.28
  • Building Features from Image Data
  • Designing a Machine Learning Model
  • Combining and Filtering Data with PostgreSQL
  • Preparing Data for Modeling with scikit-learn
  • Employing Ensemble Methods with scikit-learn
6.29 - 7.5
  • PHP: The Big Picture
  • Introduction to Amazon Lex
  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals: Cloud Concepts
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Executive Briefing
  • AWS Infrastructure with TypeScript: Getting Started
7.6 - 7.12
  • Google Meet & Google Chat
  • Google Workspace Mail Management
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Google Sheets