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Agile Transformation for Teams

  • Number of Courses8 courses
  • Duration14 hours

Organizations of all kinds and sizes are turning to project initiatives to generate new value, and agile methods to empower those project teams to succeed. In this path, you’ll learn the principles of agile project management, and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive as a member of an agile team.

First, you’ll learn the principles of the agile mindset, and how greater agility can increase the value organizations generate through project initiatives. Then, you’ll learn how to work well with other members of your team in agile environments. After that, you’ll learn about the importance of effective communication practices in agile initiatives, and how a quality- and value-focused mindset help ensure you’re consistently taking on valuable work. Finally, you’ll learn how to better collaborate with fellow team members remotely, and how organizational leaders judge performance for agile teams.

By the end of this path, you’ll understand why organizations undertake agile transformation efforts, how it can affect and influence the ways you work, and how you can best help your team succeed by applying your newfound knowledge.

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