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Data Science with Microsoft Azure

  • Number of Courses24 courses
  • Duration47 hours

Microsoft Azure offers a set of related services to address the day-to-day workflow of a data scientist. This skill teaches how these Azure services work together to enable various parts of this workflow.

Courses in this path

Bringing Data Science to the Business

The courses in this section teach you how data science fits into a business, and addresses legal and ethical issues that arise in data science. In addition, this part of the path discusses the role of effective communication as part of the data science workflow.

Exploring and Modeling Data in Microsoft Azure

This part of the path teaches how to leverage Azure services as part of everyday data science, including the use of notebooks, data exploration tools, and model building.

Building and Deploying Models in Microsoft Azure

Finally, this section of the skill addresses operational aspects of your data models, such as deploying them for use in Microsoft Azure, monitoring and evaluating their effectiveness, and communicating their insights back to the business.

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