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Windows PowerShell: Scripting and Toolmaking

  • Number of Courses15 courses
  • Duration39 hours

With a solid foundation in PowerShell essentials, you’ll be able to move immediately into this path which covers the more advanced PowerShell topics of scripting and toolmaking. Through these courses, you’ll learn and gain mastery of some of PowerShell’s more advanced uses. They go beyond the everyday tasks that PowerShell solves, letting you take your first steps towards a truly advanced skillset. By the end of these courses, you’ll have elevated your PowerShell skills to the next level and taken the next step towards PowerShell mastery.

Courses in this path


These courses begin branching out into more advanced PowerShell topics including reporting with PowerShell HTML, debugging PowerShell in VS Code, remoting fundamentals, and accessing SQL Server databases from PowerShell.

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