The Power to Transform

How to unlock the tech skills that leading insurance organisations need to evolve.

The insurance industry is transforming at a pace never experienced before - great for business, not so great for the growing skills gap.

81% of insurance respondents were concerned about the availability of key skills.* 

63% have identified or plan to identify new skills for post-covid operations.**

The solution lies within

Our new ebook tells you how to release your team’s potential through better skill development. In it, you’ll see the top skills that insurance organisations need to build and you’ll discover four pillars to finding success within:

1.  The mindset required to effect change

2.  The groundwork for upskilling

3.  The strategy of agile learning processes

4.  How to prepare for the future

Everything you need to unlock the tech skills to compete and grow is at your fingertips.


*PWC, The Digital Insurance Workforce: Going Beyond Aspirations, 2019

**Mercer, 2021 Global Talent Trends - Insurance Industry Outlook, 2021

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