tech pros discussing ways to improve their productivity


3 Productivity Hacks for your Tech Team

Time has almost everything in common with money: we waste it, spend it, save it. But, we can’t earn anymore of it. When it comes to being more productive—as a professional, or an entire team—we’re generally speaking about time management. As Pluralsight’s Enterprise Curriculum Director, Jim Christopher knows that managing a team of in-demand professionals and keeping up-to-date on emerging technologies becomes something of a Zen-master of time management. Watch (and be amazed) as Jim spends 30 minutes in this on-demand webinar where he breaks down his three productivity hacks for tech teams.

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Featured Author

Jim Christopher

Jim Christopher is the Curriculum Director for Enterprise Content at Pluralsight. He has more than 19 years of experience developing software for aerospace, education, gaming and business. Jim is a multi-year Microsoft MVP, avid speaker, Pluralsight author, crocheter and general lover of life.