Integrating E2E testing with React Native

By Jennifer Robison

React Native allows you a low barrier into mobile development across platforms, but can leave you unsteady and unclear when it comes to writing fully automated end-to-end testing. 

In this webinar, React Native expert Jenn Robison will dive into what test frameworks are available—and show you how easy it can be to stand up a React Native mobile application that lays the foundation for a solid test suite. This event will give you: 

  • An overview of different types of testing 

  • A breakdown of E2E testing tools for React Native, including Detox and Cavy 

  • And a template with everything you need to jumpstart your development with React Native 



About the author

Jennifer Robison is a senior software engineer who began a journey into agile practices nine years ago, after more than a decade in a more traditional waterfall model. She now practices daily pair programming, test-driven development, continuous integration, and iterative delivery. She has a passion for sharing design and development practices that will increase your code quality as well as your code trust. Jennifer has shared her career journey at the Society of Women Engineers conference, an experience that has taken her from traditional web development to single-page applications using frameworks of several flavors, and now into the mobile application world with React Native. She has participated as a mentor and coach at Stanford University’s annual TreeHacks hackathon, taught middle school kids basic software development using Logo, and is a regular mentor and facilitator with Girls Who Code. You can follow her on Twitter and GitHub at @cmejet.

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